Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Christmas Decoations in the Mall

Then we went to the movie theater for a double feature...

Rouge One

and Sing.

Shopping Trip

C needed some golf clubs so we headed to Myrtle Beach to pick some up.

Elizabeth's Pizza


Goodbye K and H!

A quick stop for a biscuit and sweet tea.

Cool lighthouse graffiti on the meter.

A Little Free Library in Apex NC

Sunset at the airport after K and H headed in to check into their flight.
Thanks for spending Christmas in NC with us!  See you in May!

And Hair Dyeing

Originally she was going to dye her ends purple, but she liked the bleached look and left it.

And her ends are turquoise, perfect choice.

Shopping, Dinner, and A Game

We went thrift store shopping, ate quail fajitas, and played unwrap the package again!