Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Headed South

We spent the night somewhere in Florida, and when we were eating breakfast saw news reports of iguanas falling out of trees because they got so cold.  When we got to Miami we had enough time before the flight to watch the newest Star Wars movie, that all but R missed in NC because of illness.  Then onto the airport.  K and H dropped us off, stayed overnight and then flew to MN the next day.  We headed to Moscow on an evening flight.  Other than the illness, we had a wonderful trip and great holidays.  Wonderful to see all of our family!  Thank you everyone for making it happen!

A Stop at Mom and Dad's Home

to drop off a"few" things and one more hug, kiss and photo!

The Sun Melting the Snow

Sunrise ~ January 4, 2018

Snow on the beach ~ what a birthday gift!  The challenge was this was the day we needed to drive South...we left a bit later than we planned, to give the sun time to come up and melt things a bit.  The roads in Wilmington were a bit dicey, but once we got on the highway they were mostly clear.  However, we could see the aftermath of many accidents the day before.  AND due to adverse weather conditions, there were not a lot of restaurants open until we got much farther south.